Sunday, January 6, 2008

SolarReserve: Salt Powered Energy

U.S. (TGW) – Solar Power tower technology and corresponding molten salt storage system developed by Rocketdyne will be commercialized through a new entity known as SolarReserve, Hamilton Sundstrand and US Renewables Group, announced today.

The technology solves the problem of solar power’s irregular power generation ability by storing energy in the form of heat in molten salt.

SolarReserve will the hold the exclusive license to Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects using molten salt technology.

The technology is designed for utility-scale power generation, and will be capable of producing up to 500 MW of power.

"Due to the unique ability of the product to store the energy it captures, this system will function like a conventional hydroelectric power plant, but with several advantages. We will have the capability to store the sun's energy and release it on demand. This product is more predictable than water reserves, the supply is free and inexhaustible, and the environmental impact is essentially zero," said Lee Bailey, managing director of US Renewables Group (USRG).

Via :: Press Release