Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lightbulb Powered by Radio Waves Produce 7x the Light Per Watt

Luxim HQ (TGW) – Lightbulb maker Luxim has raised $21 million for its long lasting high intensity discharge (HID) lightbulb that creates light using radio waves.

The lamp uses a radio frequency amplifier to pump RF waves to an antenna inside a resonant cavity. The interaction between the waves and the crystal cavity convert trapped gases into a plasma.

Luxim’s bulbs get 120 lumens per watt, compared to the HID standard of only 90 lumens per watt. Compare that to LEDs, which get about 70 lumens per watt and a 100 watt 120 volt incandescent lightbulb will produce about 17.1 lumens per watt.

Therefore, the bulbs are more efficient.

It has a 5 times lifetime over regular bulbs, as well.

Via :: Green Tech Blog