Thursday, January 17, 2008

Norway Plans to go Carbon Neutral by 2030

Norway (TGW) – Norway wants to go carbon neutral by 2030, it said today.

2030 is 20 years earlier than its previous target, 2050.

The Scandinavian nation plans to cut emissions by reducing its impact at home and investing in carbon credits abroad, including plans to spend $553.1 million a year to combat deforestation in developing countries.

"The parties now think it is realistic to assume reductions in Norwegian climate gas emissions of 15-17 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents by 2020 when forests are included," the government said in a statement.

To achieve the target, the country will also have to cut its emissions by two-thirds domestically.

Some environmental groups expressed skepticism, and even the Oil and Energy Minister Aaslaug Haga acknowledged: "We don't know how we will achieve the goals yet, and that is challenging."

The country has a vague plan of increased taxes on fossil fuels and increased investments in cleaner technology.

Via :: Reuters