Thursday, January 10, 2008

Both China and Australia to Ban Free Plastic Bags - Why Can't U.S.?

China and Australia (TGW) – Both China and Australia have announced bans on plastic bags this week, in some form or another.

China has banned ultra thin plastic bags and all free plastic bags starting in June, while Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett said the government there wants to phase out free plastic bags by the end of 2008.

"There are some 4 billion of these plastic bags floating around the place, getting into landfills, ending up affecting our wildlife, and showing up on our beaches while we are on holidays," Garret said.

"Our country consumes huge amounts of plastic bags every year. While providing convenience to consumers, they have also caused serious pollution, and waste of energy and resources, because of excessive use and inadequate recycling," the Chinese government said.

Chinese people use up to 3 billion plastic bags a day and the country has to refine 37 million barrels every year to make the bags.

Via :: Reuters :: BBC