Thursday, January 10, 2008

Body Heat Used to Warm Office

Sweden (TGW) – One Swedish state owned company has announced it has found an easy, green way to heat their offices: human body heat from a quarter million commuters streaming through Stockholm’s central station.

Body heat already heats the station itself, but the surplus heat will now be used to heat as much as 15% of the real estate firm Jernhusen.

"We had a look at it and thought 'We might actually be able to use this'," said Karl Sundholm, project leader at Jernhusen, which also owns the station. "This feels good. Instead of just airing the leftover heat out we try to make use of it."

Bodily warmth will be used to heat water, at a cost of $31,200. "The ventilator aggregates are already there, and even some of the pipes. All we need to do is complement with a few pumps and pipes."

Via :: Reuters