Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Singapore Opens Green Airport Terminal

Singapore (TGW) – Singapore opened a new, $1.22 billion green airport terminal today.

The terminal, in state owned Changi airport, boasts 919 energy-saving skylights, a butterfly garden, lower to floor air conditioners, koi ponds over 200 species of foliage spread over enough floor space to cover 50 soccer fields.

The terminal increased passenger capacity in the airport by about 50 million, and will likely lower electricity bills for the airport, mainly because of the skylights and air conditioners.

The terminal also has a five story wall of hanging plants

"The cost to run the terminal should be lower. But it's still too early to project what the cost-savings will be," said a spokesman from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, which manages the airport.

Via :: Reuters


PK said...

Press release is one thing but future development plans will do away with a lot of these features in the press release. So 2 years down the road the koi pond will be replaced by restaurants and shops, etc

Simmons said...

I'm gonna have to agree with you. Greenwashing at its worst.