Monday, January 7, 2008

The CityCAT Air Car - Runs on Compressed Air

(Special Report) - Tata Motors, India’s largest automaker, is set to debut the world’s first commercial air powered vehicle.

The Air Car, developed by Formula One engineer Guy Negre for Moteur Developpment International (MDI), uses compressed air to power its engine.

6000 Air Cars will be on the streets of India by August 2008. The first model to be sold commercially will be the CityCAT for a measly $12700.

The car takes only a few minutes and $2 to fuel up at special compressor units, or drivers can plug the car into the electric grind and power up in 4 hours.

With a top speed of 68 miles per hour and a max range of 125 miles, one might be forgave for expecting the CityCAT to hit the streets of New York City soon. Sadly, it is unlikely, especially considering the vehicle’s all glue construction.

But if you’re German, Israeli, South African, or live in 9 other countries, you can expect to see the cars at a theater stoplight near you.