Monday, January 21, 2008

Earth First!, The Eco-Terrorists

(Special Report) - Part 2 in a series on extremist environmentalist groups

Earth First! is the extremist group we'll be discussing today.

“No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth”

Basic Ideas
“To put it simply, the Earth must come first.” This sums up the basic ideology of ‘Earth First!ers. Earth First! is a radical environmentalist group that believes anything must be done in order to protect mother earth. Members of the group believe in biocentrism, the belief that every life of every species is equally valuable.

To end the so-called ‘oppression’ of certain living beings.

Earth First! is most well known for its assumed attempted bombing in the UK 1990. In the incident, a bomb placed in activist Judi Bari’s car detonated, injuring her and fellow activist Darryl Cheney.

Earth First! was formed in the spring of 1980 after angry environmentalists pledged decided the environmentalist movement was being ‘sold out’ by mainstream environmentalists working for corporate cronies.

After the Bari bombing incident, EF became primarily associated with non-violent direct action activities.

Earth First! was the first 'mainstream' environmental extremist group. In fact, the more well known Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and its sister group, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) evolved from Earth First!.

According to Earth First!, “Earth First! is not an organization, but a movement. There are no "members" of Earth First!, only Earth First!ers.”

Earth First! Journal
Earth First!


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Hey! Found this post randomly, just wanted to let you know that the second link is to a group not related to Earth First!, the link you may have been looking for is (not .com).

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Environmental Extremist said...

i came across your blog by accident or even illusion. I too believe in Earth first. I too have a blog It says in introduction thus:

This may just be a cry in the wilderness, but it comes form the depths of my heart. I resent the crimes done to the Mother Earth for personal greed. I firmly believe a shock treatment is needed to alleviate the problem. It can't be done by one person. Many are contributing to it. I request every responsible human being, especially those in power to help make this blue earth a better and safer place to live in, in an environmental sense.