Friday, June 20, 2008

Sleek, 137 MPG, Solar Powered Car Unveiled

Hungary (TGW) – The three-seating, 137 mpg Antro Solo was unveiled today in Hungary by Antro.

The lightweight car weighs only 600 pounds and can go as fast as to 87 mph; the car is made mostly of carbon fiber composite materials.

The Antro Solo is powered by three sources: solar power, human power, and a standard gas-electric hybrid engine. The small combustion engine can run on gas or ethanol, is designed purely for long trips. The solar panels on the roof of the car charge the battery to extend the electric battery for short trips. Pedals in the car allow for human powered travel at night or when it is cloudy.

Antro plans to sell the car for $18,000 after mass production begins in four years.

The company is also thinking of producing an Antro Duo, which would seat six. The car in fact could just be two Antro Solos joined together.

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Anonymous said...

Neat! When petroleum based fuel is no longer available, I believe I could pedal 600 lb at about 3mph continuously (I'm a bicycle racer). I could not pedal 600 lb up any grade. On solar power, with the area of solar panels shown on the roof, I would guess I could get about 1 or 2 mph on a sunny day.

But it wouldn't surprise me if we are reduced to this until electric cars become widely available and the grid expands to provide the battery charge (using non-fossil fuel).

hasan almasawi said...

We should use solar power to produce sweet water from sea in a large scale and invent an easy affordable fling safely machines

Steven said...

Wow outstanding car.Solar powered cars are frequently designed in exceptionally remarkable shapes because designers of this particular car are focused on eliminating several dragging factors, reducing weight and maximizing full exposure to the sunrays, while also making these cars as safe as possible.

Anonymous said...

thinking of producing an Antro Duo, which would seat six. The car in fact could just be two Antro Solos joined together.

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