Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crazy Scientist Says We Should Cement Trash into Pyramids Which Would Be Tourist Attractions

Local Dump (TGW) – A Dutch engineer has come up with an idea to solve two of the world’s most pressing environmental problems: solidify waste in a concrete type material and using the resulting slabs to build pyramids that not only deal with waste disposal but could become tourist traps and major landmarks for our cities.

Not actually trash pyramids

Roelof Schuiling of Geochem Research BV says that it is dangerous to simply bury solid toxic waste in lined deposits underground, which is the current best practice.

He says that waste should first be immobilized by mixing with cement and immobilizing additives to reduce the possibility of toxic materials leaching into the earth and ground water.

He goes to suggest that the cement could then be made into slabs, which would be used to build pyramids. These pyramids would act as tourist attractions.

Okay, so past the craziness

Schuiling’s idea could be applied a little more sanely in other ways: use the cement for foundations of homes or to build roads.

Via :: Press Release


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