Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mercedes Will Eliminate Petroleum From Its Lineup by 2015

Mercedes HQ (TGW) – Mercedes plans to eliminate petroleum powered vehicles from its lineup in the next 7 years - by 2015.

Mercedes wants to save the industry by making cars independent of oil – to improve costs, become more eco-friendly and because the oil supply will eventually run out.

The company is developing electric, fuel cells, and biofuel powered cars, including the electric Smart car and the efficient F700.

The company has already invested $4 million in its “Sustainable Mobility” plan and plans to invest up to $14 billion by 2014.

Via :: EcoGeek :: The Sun


Scam said...

The oil business is such a lucrative money spinner for all those involved that I would imagine they will respond to these developments.

Do you think decreasing our reliance on oil will drive the price back down?

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