Thursday, June 12, 2008

Next Generation Wind Turbine Unveiled Which Supposedly Breaks $1 a Watt Barrier

Houston (TGW) – BroadStar Wind Systems has unveiled its “next generation” wind turbine in Houston.

According to BroadStar, the turbine produces 250kW for $250,000, which would break the $1 a watt barrier.

The company spent four years researching and patenting the product, and is in talks to place the product with two different Fortune 100 companies.

The parallel rotor blades of the AeroCam wind turbine make it look significantly different from conventional turbines, and according to BroadStar, significantly cheaper. The design is also more 30% smaller than conventional turbines, and therefore can be discretely enclosed in a less obtrusive way.

The AeroCam has a horizontal axis with multiple blades, giving it the appearance of a water wheel.

The major innovation in the design, however, is the ability to automatically and interactively adjust the pitch or angle of attack of the aerodynamic blades as the turbine rotates, thereby optimizing its performance for much the same reasons a bird changes the shape of its wing in flight.

Also, because AeroCam is smaller and sits on the ground, it takes up much less space than would a conventional turbine.

The company says that they are probably 6 months away from production.

Via :: Press Release :: PESwiki


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