Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scientists to Recycle Waste Heat Energy From Tailpipes to Help Power Cars

Cardiff University (TGW) – Cardiff University researchers are exploring ways to harness waste heat energy produced from tailpipes to produce greener cars.

Researcher Mike Rowe aims to use thermoelectric generation to capture this waste heat.

Professor Mike Rowe, OBE School of Engineering said: "The main interest in cars is to decrease the petrol consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. If you can utilise the exhaust heat you could replace the alternator. This would provide a 5 per cent saving in fuel straightaway."

He said, "Thermoelectric generation is a green solution. It can in many instances cost less than solar energy. It has huge future potential yet it has been neglected to date in the UK."

Via :: Science Daily


Hardik said...

Suv's can be a part of such a study. They are the ones who produce the most heat and burnt gases compared to other vehicles. Havent heard about green suv's yet.

Anonymous said...

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