Monday, February 18, 2008

Los Alamos to Create Energy from CO2 in the Air - Green Freedom

Los Alamos (TGW) – Los Alamos National Laboratory has developed a concept known as “Green Freedom”, for production of a carbon neutral fuel made from carbon dioxide in the air.

The laboratory would extract CO2 from the air and convert it to fuel using a form of electrochemical separation.

"Initial system and economic analyses indicate that the prices of Green Freedom commodities would be either comparable to the current market or competitive with those of other carbon-neutral, alternative technologies currently being considered," said F. Jeffrey Martin of the Laboratory

To capture carbon, the researchers could use existing power plants as a source of carbon dioxide instead of removing the gas from the atmosphere.

That means nearly all of the carbon footprint created by the fuel would be from the building of the plant.

“The concept's viability has been reviewed and verified by both industrial and semi-independent Los Alamos National Laboratory technical reviews,” the research facility said in a statement.

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