Thursday, February 21, 2008

John McCain Gets a Zero on Environmental Scorecard; Obama 67, Clinton 73

U.S. (TGW) – Presidential candidate and likely Republican nominee John McCain has scored a ‘0’ on the 2007 National Environmental Scorecard released today by the League of Conservation Voters.

McCain was the only member of Congress to skip every single environmental vote scored by the report.

The average member of Congress scored a 53; John McCain has a lifetime average of 24.

Republican Minority Whip Trent Lott also received a score of 0; Barack Obama received a score of 67; Hillary Clinton received a score of 73.

Bob Case of Pensylvania, Susan Collins of Maine and Bill Nelson of Florida were the only senators to receive a score of 100.

"We were appalled two weeks ago when John McCain was the only Senator who chose to skip a crucial vote on the future of clean energy in America-dooming the measure to fail by just a single vote. As it turns out, this was merely the most recent example of a clear pattern of missing the most important votes on energy and the environment--as his abysmal LCV score clearly demonstrates,” said Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director.

League of Conservation Voters 2007 Scorecard Senate votes, all of which John McCain missed:
1. Cloture on H.R. 6, the energy bill (6/21, Vote 225)
2. Passage of H.R. 6, the energy bill (6/21, Vote 226)
3. Maintaining Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) in H.R. 6 (12/7, Vote 416)
4. Taking away giveaways to Big Oil to subsidize clean energy (12/13, Vote 425)
5. Loosening public health and environmental regulations on refineries (6/13, Vote 210)
6. Undermining the RES with coal and nuclear energy (6/14, Vote 211)
7. Offshore drilling in Virginia (6/14, Vote 212)
8. Liquid coal (6/19, Vote 213)
9. Environmental safeguards for biofuels (6/20, 219)
10. Consider global warming for water projects (5/15, Vote 166)
11. Appropriately prioritizing water projects (5/15, Vote 165)
12. International family planning (9/6, Vote 320)
13. Farm Bill subsidy reform (12/11, Vote 417)
14. Farm Bill subsidy caps (12/13, Vote 424)
15. Eminent Domain for public parks (12/3, Vote 429)

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