Monday, November 5, 2007

A Solar Market Bubble?

Japan (TGW) - The world’s number 2 maker of polycrystalline silicon is warning of a possible solar bubble.

The solar market has been expanding rapidly, with the price of silicon rising as well. Solar panel shortages are common because of the same shortage of silicon.

"Demand for solar power will grow, but we really don't know by how much," Managing Director Yukio Muranaga said. "It's too early to commit to more investment at this stage."

But the company is researching a new process that will aid them tremendously: vapor-to-liquid deposition.

"We are looking five years, 10 years ahead," he said, saying governments are likely to need to balance their environmental policies. "Solar cells require charcoal, which comes from trees. Producing too many solar cells means deforestation and that just defeats the purpose of green energy."

Via :: Reuters


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