Monday, November 19, 2007

Radical New Global Warming Suggests Enhancing CO2 Absorbing Capabilities of the Ocean

Earth (TGW) – A team of researchers is proposing a new method to counteract global warming by strengthening the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

The team, led by Kurt House, has suggested that about 100 water treatment plants would treat ocean water to enhance its ability to absorb CO2.

The plan could result in ‘a 15 percent reduction in emissions’. 700 plants would offset all of human emissions.

The plants would remove hydrochloric acid, therefore increasing the alkalinity of the water, increasing the water’s CO2 absorbing potential.

"The least risky trajectory is to significantly cut our carbon dioxide emissions -- but we may not be able to cut them rapidly enough to avoid unacceptable levels of climate change," said team member Michael Aziz. "If it looks like we're not going to make it, the 'House Process' has the potential to let us rescind a portion of those emissions while mitigating some of the chemical impacts the excess CO2 will have on the oceans. It won't be ready in time, though, if we wait until we're sure we'll need it before pursuing R&D on the technical and environmental issues involved."

Via :: Science Daily :: EurekAlert