Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Experts: Global Warming Should be Treated as a Health Issue

Washington (TGW) – Global warming should be treated as a health issue, experts said at a meeting of the America Public Health Association.

Big emitters like the U.S. and China are especially vulnerable.

"There is ... an issue of disproportional vulnerability," Jonathan Patz of the University of Wisconsin said at a news conference. "But ... in the industrialized world, because we live in a globalized economy, an increase in disease anywhere in the world really puts everyone at risk."

Health hazards related to global warming include severe heat, severe droughts, increased smog, and more severe storms.

"Climate change is one of the most serious public health threats facing our nation," said Dr. Georges Benjamin, the association's executive director. "Yet few Americans are aware of the very real consequences of climate change on the health of our communities, our families and our children."

Via :: Reuters


Anonymous said...

The Global Warming as it looks today it is just a scare and a reason for governments to draw more money from everyone. Air Canada is instructing (not mandate yet) its affiliates travels agents to get an average of 30$ more per ticket as a payback for the pollution that the airplane makes while it brings you from Vancouver to Winnipeg. The agents have to brain wash the customer and convince him to pay these 30$ extra. Supposedly this amount will be funneled by Air Canada to some environment friendly company that supposes to spend this amount of money and improve the environment. Then, Air Canada will add a little but very visible logo to its tail, logo that will say: 'Air Canada Protects the Environment'.
This Global warming idea is the biggest brain washing campaign conducted on Earth since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Communists were good at that, now the West is trying to surpass them. I am very curious why this works today when the kid’s education is not reaching the ankle (knowledge quantity and quality speaking) compared with the education that their parents got 30 years ago. At the same time, when the news channels bring another 'warmth record' they don't show any previous records that are in the books for at least couple hundred years. So this Global Warming will become something that everyone will talk and pay for, but nobody will have enough information to think about.