Tuesday, November 6, 2007

British Mega Retailer to Implement Tax on Plastic Bags - Why Can't U.S. do the Same?

UK (TGW) – The mega retailer Marks and Spencers will introduce a 5p charge for plastic grocery bags, the company said this week.

The move follows a successful trial in North Ireland, where plastic bag usage dropped 66%. In the Republic of Ireland, there is a flat plastic bag tax which has led to a 90% reduction in plastic bag use.

"Our initial trial in Northern Ireland has shown us that introducing charging does make customers think twice about the number of bags they use," chief executive Stuart Rose said.

The company plans to first begin with the charge in 33 of its South London stores.

For the first three weeks of the trial, free M&S Bags for Life will be given away.

Via :: Guardian