Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Anti-Bottled Water Campaign to Go Live!

Yesterday I received this email from the Think Outside the Bottle campaign, a campaign this blog has been actively involved in (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and finally here. Whew.):


This summer Jane Olszewski, an intern with Corporate Accountability International emailed you to draw your attention to the Think Outside The Bottle campaign. Thanks to blogs like yours the campaign has received a lot of media attention and has been a great success. As you may know one the highlights came in late July when PepsiCo finally changed the label on their Aquafina bottled water to acknowledge it comes from a public water source.

Because you have shown passion and dedication for this very important cause, I wanted to contact you on behalf of Corporate Accountability International and the Think Outside The Bottle campaign to let you know that Wednesday, October 10th is our official pledge launch. We have a website at http://www.thinkoutsidethebottle.org/ to serve as a central source for news and information about the campaign and the issues that we want to address. The website will be going live on Wednesday.

On the morning of October 9th we will be having a national press call to get information to media outlets across the country. On October 10th we are hosting events all around the country to promote the campaign and support strong public water systems. It is also very important for us to keep the blogging community informed about the campaign’s progress and to let people know about the pledge, which can be signed at http://www.stopcorporateabusenow.org/campaign/think_outside_the_bottle_pledge. The website also has a pledge kit to promote hands-on local activism in every community.
We appreciate your participation in the campaign so far, and it would be great to have your continued involvement. Would you be interested not only in signing the pledge, but also posting about it and letting your readers know about this next stage of the campaign?

As the pledge launches this week there are many major opportunities for change on the horizon. We already have a number of activists, schools, community groups, companies, and organizations that are taking part and your help would be very much appreciated. Please feel free to look around the website and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks very much for your time,

Nick Romanow
Campaigns Intern

If you’re interested, check out the campaign website.