Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Virgin Atlantic to Test Biofuel Powered Airplane

Boston (TGW)- Virgin Atlantic Airways hopes to test a biofuel-powered jet in earlier 2008, owner Richard Branson said this week.

Virgin Group hopes to provide clean fuel for buses, trains and cars within three or four years, Branson told a Mortgage Bankers Association meeting in Boston.

"Early next year we will fly one of our 747s without passengers with one of the fuels that we have developed," Branson told the annual conference.

Branson, a billionaire, promised last year to spend all of profits from Virgin Atlantic on combating global warming. He also created Virgin Fuels, which he has invest $400 million in.

Branson also said ethanol is likely to be unfeasible, as it freezes at 15000 feet, but proposed some alternatives, such as butanol.

Via :: Reuters