Monday, October 29, 2007

Cape Wind Denied – Because Forms not Filled Out Properly

Cape Cod (TGW) – Two weeks ago this Thursday, the Cape Cod Commission denied Cape Wind a permit to run submarine and upland transmission cables from Nantucket Sound to the mainland power grid.

The commission, in a report, denied the permit ‘without prejudice’, but what was the real reason for the denial?

According to the Cape Cod Commission’s published report:
"Cape Wind had failed to submit information" requested by a subcommittee reviewing the application "in a timely manner" and yet would not agree to “to any further extension of the 60-day decision period.”

Jim Gordon, president of Cape Wind, said, “The commission’s denial, based not on the merits but on claims that Cape Wind provided insufficient information, does not square with the record. Since 2001, Cape Wind has been providing extensive information about these cables to the Cape Cod Commission and state and federal agencies. In fact, in 2005 the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Sitting Board approved Cape Wind’s electric cable because it found that Cape Wind would provide needed renewable electricity, deliver significant air-quality benefits, lower electric costs and increase electric-transmission reliability.”

Cape Wind plans to appeal the ruling, but does that mean they will be able to send in the proper paperwork? Most likely not. But there is still a chance. A Massachusetts state court has already approved the cable, and Cape Wind will probably argue that the state commission overrules a regional commission.

Read the Cape Cod Commission report (PDF)