Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Technology, Not Amish Ethics, Will Stop Global Warming

Everybody should check out this awesome essay by Joel Stein. Yeah, you're not going to click the link, are you. Anyway, here's the money quote:

"I believe our messy oil age will be replaced by better technology, not by a planetary embrace of Luddism. Because really, what's easier--one smart dude figuring out how to run cars on sea monkeys, or convincing all of Asia to never try air-conditioning? Those people eat spicy food."


Anonymous said...

All the technology in the world will change exactly NOTHING, UNLESS we ourselves are willing to make the change.
It is ironic, that in a nation that has brought about so much change in the world, we ourselves are so abhorent to change. We love our fosil fuel driven automobiles that are destroying the ozone layer of the earth. We produce more trash and garbage then any other country. Our most beautiful lakes and streams, we dump toxic waste into. Now, we're even trying to trash the oceans themselves in our never ending search for more polutants. The very farmland that provides us with food and sustains life in this country, we are covering over with houses, factories and highways.
Unless we take that first step and change the way we live, then all the new technology will only bring us closer to the grave, if any can be found.

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