Monday, March 24, 2008

Taichung – The World’s Dirtiest Coal Plant

Taichung Coal Fired Power Plant

Taichung – the world’s greatest CO2 emissions coal power plant
Location: Taiwan
Emissions: 41,300,000 Tons CO2 per year
MWh Energy: 45,100,000
Intensity: 1,832

The plant emits the most carbon dioxide per coal power plants in the world and number two is 3500 tons behind. What’s pathetic is the fact that this country emits more in a year than 65 countries COMBINED. What’s even more pathetic is the fact that the plant emits more than 144 individual countries. This single power plant almost emits as much in a year as does Ireland.

Pictures and other information were hard to find. I had to create the Wikipedia page myself! Any information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.


Baltimore_Yeti said...

Here is a good source of information about Taichung Power Plant.

"The eight units at Taichung have a total estimated coal requirement of around 12 million tonnes of bituminous and 2.5 million tonnes of sub-bituminous coal a year." and "Taipower increased its coal imports to 20.4 million tonnes in 2001 from 16.6 million tonnes in 1996."

Anonymous said...

I've worked in the coalyard at Taichung Power Station.

It's well impressive. The whole plant has 10 * 550MW Units rather than just Units 9 and 10 which you show.

This 5.5 GW from a single plant is probably more than energy needs of most small countries so the emissions are going to be larger. The taiwanese need this power.

Why don't you calculate emissions by amount of power generated?

A bit more info for you. Each unit will use about 90 kg of coal a second. The whole plant about 900kg a second, 24 hours a day. All the coal is brought in by bulk carrier and it takes about a day and a half to empty one by ship-unloader of which there are 6.

It is a magnificent power plant.

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