Monday, December 31, 2007

"This means the days of the humble light-bulb could soon be over."

UK (TGW) – Researchers at Glasgow University have found a way to make light emitting diodes (LEDs) brighter and more energy efficient than other energy efficient lightbulbs, such as CFLs, on the market.

Previously, LEDs were not bright enough to be used in home lighting. The researchers said they have solved that problem.

To make the diodes brighter, scientists poked microscopic holes in the surface of the LEDs, increasing the level of light they give off.

The process is known as nano-imprint lithography.

Dr Faiz Rahman, who is leading the project, said: "As yet, LEDs have not been introduced as the standard lighting in homes because the process of making the holes is very time consuming and expensive.

"However, we believe we have found a way of imprinting the holes into billions of LEDs at a far greater speed, but at a much lower cost."

He added: "This means the days of the humble light-bulb could soon be over."

Via :: BBC


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