Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ireland to Tax Cars Based on Emissions and Will Ban Traditional Lightbulbs

Ireland (TGW) – Ireland’s environment minister announced plans to ban traditional lightbulbs starting in 2009 and to penalize high-emission vehicles, starting July 2008.

Ireland has had a tax on plastic bags for several years.


The new standard, announced by Environment Minister John Gormley, is intended to promote energy saving cars and lightbulbs.

"The aim of such a move will be to end the use of incandescent light bulbs in Ireland," Gormley, who is leader of the Irish Green Party, told fellow lawmakers. "These bulbs use technology invented during the age of the steam engine."

The move to end the use of conventional lightbulbs reduce CO2 emissions by 700,000 tonnes a year save $296.3 million on household electricity bills.


Starting in July, all cars registered in Ireland will be taxed based on their greenhouse gas emissions: 100 euros for the greenest, 2000 for the worst.

Cars that are already registered will be taxed based on engine size.

Finance Minister Brian Cowen admitted that even with the new regulations, it will be hard to meet the standards of the EU.

"An even greater effort will be needed to achieve up to a 30 percent cut envisaged by the EU for 2020," he said.

Via :: Reuters