Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rockport, Missouri is the First U.S. Town to be Powered 100% by Wind Power

Rockport, Missouri (TGW) - The 1300 person town of Rockport, Missouri will become the first town in the United States to be completely powered by wind power.

wind power

The $90 million Loess Hills Wind Farm, built by the Wind Capital Group and the John Deere Corp. on bluffs west of Rock Port, generates five megawatts each day. That is approximately twice as much power as is needed to power Rockport; in other words, the 4 turbine Loess Hills Wind Farm could power two towns the size of Rockport.

To celebrate being America’s first wind-powered community, Rock Port, which is located in the far northwest corner of Missouri, will host a “Green Switch” celebration on Friday.

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Jim in PDX said...

It's an admirable notion that Rockport is wind powered. However, if the good people of Rockport actually had to pay the true costs of generating 5 MWatt @ a capital cost of $90M, they would riot at the sight of their electric bills. Green corporate welfare is allowing this project to succeed.

Consider this: At the stated per-capita cost in the blog post, it would cost $193,846,153,846 (~194 Trillion dollars) to build the wind farm to power the St. Louis metro area (2.8 million people). And, that's assuming there's enough available rural land with advantageous wind patterns to house such a project.

Exploring alternate energy sources should be a key initiative for humanity, however the drive towards oil independence should be undertaken by the marketplace with as little interference from government entities as possible. If you examine the big picture, masking the true cost of ANY project, whether Green initiatives, pet social programs, or propping up failed or struggling industries, only harms the economic well being of our society. This economic harm in turn affects the standard of living for all, but most profoundly for the poor and disadvantaged.

Anonymous said...

The articles are usually mistaken. The 90 million number is actually for 27 windmills, 4 are in town dedicated for town power, the others are all sold off as electricity to other companies.

Anonymous said...

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