Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Africa to Get the Worst of Global Warming

Africa (ToGW) - Africa will be the continent hardest hit by global warming, with parts of the impoverished continent becoming uncultivable or uninhabitable, top British government scientists said.

In a presentation in South Africa, David King, the British government's chief scientific adviser, warned of flooding of Africa’s coast and stronger, more frequent droughts.

"This is the continent that will come under the most severe pressure from climate change," King said.

An additional 70 million Africans could be at risk of starvation by 2080, he also said.

Gordon Conway, the chief scientific adviser for Britain's department for international development, said the current trend in Africa's climate was characterized by polarized change. "It's going to get wetter and drier," Conway told the group, meaning that coastal areas will become wetter because of floods while other areas suffer droughts.

Conway and King urged Africa to make climate change a top priority.

Via :: Reuters