Thursday, July 26, 2007

Texas Leads List of Dirtiest U.S. Power Plants

Texas leads list of dirtiest U.S. power plants

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Texas has the most entries on a list of the dirtiest U.S. power plants, while New England and the Pacific Coast make less carbon dioxide because they have fewer coal-burning plants, an environmental group said on Thursday.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is the main cause of greenhouse gases linked to global warming.
Of the 50 "dirtiest" power plants with the highest carbon dioxide emissions in the country, all are coal-fired. Texas accounts for five on the list, and Indiana and Pennsylvania each have four, the Environmental Integrity Project annual study found.

U.S. power plant CO2 emissions actually fell 2 percent in 2006 from 2005, but the report focused on the fact that a new wave of coal-fired plants -- about 150 nationwide -- could increase CO2 pollution by 34 percent by 2030, the study said.