Thursday, August 7, 2008

Laser Textured Solar Cells Brings Reflective Efficiency to 99%, Are Cheaper

Virginia (TGW) – Researchers at the University of Virginia are creating solar cells with tiny nanoscale surface textures using lasers making the cells cheaper and more efficient.

Current solar cells reflect about 30% of the light that hits them – the tiny nanoscale textures will reduce that number to about 1% over the entire solar spectrum and irrespective of the angle at which sunlight strikes the cell.

The use of lasers could also lower manufacturing costs. Because lasers are already used in the manufacturing of solar cells, the texturing process can be automated, eliminating the need for dangerous chemical treatments currently used to reduce reflectance.

The 30% reflective efficiency gain could lead to a 2 to 3% overall efficiency gain.

Via :: Alternative Energy Info :: Press Release


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