Thursday, May 15, 2008

20 Cities, Islands and Countries Threatened By Global Warming

Over at ProTraveller, they've compiled a list of 20 places threatened by global warming:

The earth is getting warmer and warmer with each year that passes and that means we're going to see some significant changes in the land around us. For a few lucky places, global warming means positive things. For example, British Columbia is hoping that the extra few temperature points could mean a more Mediterranean climate that will boost their wine business and take industry away from wine hot spots like the South of France and the United States' Napa Valley. However, a great number of places aren't going to be nearly so lucky.

Definitely worth a look


lani said...

we are destroying the environment that god created. this is very dumb because god spent a long time creating this world and we should not be ruining it. when we create global warming we destroy the earth

Anonymous said...

I hate moronic posts. Pathetic moronic people shouting random BS that they don’t know anything about–ie our carbon dioxide is causing global warming.
Maybe, you know, if people would actually research on their own sometimes, instead of just following what the current trend is like sheep.

Human carbon dioxide emissions are what? 00.05% of the air? Just about. What is the biggest greenhouse gas in the air? Oxygen. What does that make up? Appox: 95%. Does anybody even stop to compare those, what do we omit in relation to the oxygen? 0.0005% using the above figures.
Oh boy, we’re really doing something there. How about some logic. What cooks up Earth every day? Well duh, our bloody sun. Do you expect it to stay the same, emit the same amount of rays every day? Of course not! It’s a chaotic mass of gas constantly blowing up, raging around and what not (imagery there, people). And you know what? The sun’s having a little fit right now–little flared up right now, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what your fear really comes from. You can’t change that big huge sun–and it’s the one giving a little more heat out lately.

I bet most of you only know as much about global warming as An Inconvenient Truth as told you. That and a fear mongering media. Both are only interested in money. That’s right, An Inconvenient Truth is only made for selfish and political reasons. Favorite part of Inconvenient Truth? The graphs showing proof. Hah, if people actually took the time to analyze them correctly, they show opposite correlation. Carbon dioxide FOLLOWS global warming, it isn’t the cause! It’s the reaction!

But that’s okay. You know what? Perhaps we could be a little more Earth friendly. Whatever, pay the costs for your mixed up views. BUT LEAVE DEVELOPING COUNTRIES OUT OF IT. You, each one of you fighting for this, are murdering people. Your denying developing countries the only ways to develop. And don’t spew BS that they can use alternatives. Alternatives, if you didn’t know, aren’t working right now. They aren’t efficient. And quite frankly, they are far too expensive for developing countries. Again, screw yourselves over by forcing developed countries to be more Earth friendly, but leave the poor alone!

Anonymous said...

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